*The Beelink brand is currently the number one selling item in a single category on Amazon

*The world's only HD player with HIFI sound quality and DSP decoding (TV BOX).

*Beelink brand is currently the top one selling item in a single category on Amazon 

*Top seller in MINI PC in USA/UK/Germany/Spain/Singapore/UAE

*Top seller in Mini PC on JD/Alibaba

Founded in 2011 , the company is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on electronic products, private cloud and small business office system integrator, and has become a national high-tech enterprise with comprehensive competitiveness in electronic products hardware, system software, application R&D, manufacturing, marketing and branding.

1、research and development

The company has more than 20 front-line researchers from hardware circuit, wiring and debugging: enter the upper driver and software application function implementation.


A、ODM:Develop customized products according to customer needs, including mold, electronics, software, manufacturing, packaging, etc

B、OEM:According to customer needs, sell to customer satisfaction in existing products.

C、Beelink brand marketing

2020 combines HD player and MINI PC through thermal technology, software, and hardware innovation, allowing customers to enjoy a more affordable product with more features.

The company develops and mass produces in 2020, through P2P network peer-to-peer technology, allowing mobile phones to interact with, computers and HD players for data APK (Elink), with 400+ cloud servers laid out.

Development History

It has been 10 years since the company was established, and it has been developing steadily and building on its strengths.

2011-01   Established in Productivity Building, Hi-Tech Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Mainly engaged in the development and sales of tablet PC solutions;

2012-04   Using ARM A8 Freescale 535 for car solutions;

2013-03   Using Rexchip and Amlogic ARM chips to make TV BOX and play network audio and video solutions;

2014-06  Global registration of Beelink brand, obtained HDMI, HDCP and other global qualification certification;

2017-11  Launched the Pocket PC concept, introducing the P1 and P2, the world's smallest MINI PC;

2018-08  Formally set up direct sales model, Amazon, Ebay, CD overseas platform sales;

2019-07  Launch of NAS private cloud project;

2021-03  Launch of accessories for laptop office environment use, for storage, expansion, graphics card integration solutions;

2021-06  Launch of product development for industrial PCs, cloud PCs, edge servers;

2022-10  Formally set up direct sales on JD and quickly become top seller in MINI PC

2023  Continuously develop new Mini PC products;

Contact Us

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